Tomahawk axe throwing

Ripley Castle Axe Throwing; Live for Today

{two handed throw}

A couple of months ago, when I was mulling over what I wanted to put on my 30before30 list, I saw a Groupon for a session of Tomahawk axe throwing. I couldn’t resist and that’s where the idea for trying something new every month came from.

Over the weekend we cashed in our voucher for an hour of axe throwing at Ripley Castle in North Yorkshire.

Ripley Castle Daffodils


The rain couldn’t decide if it was coming or going so I wore my favourite yellow rain jacket to keep the drops at bay and blend in with the local foliage.

Ripley Castle Walk

{yellow is my favourite}

We arrived early which meant we had to kill some time by eating cake. You’d be surprised how many times we find ourselves having to eat cake to pass time. It’s almost like I plan it…

Ripley Castle - Afternoon Tea

{tea and cake}

Before long, it was time to play.

Ripley Castle Tomahawk; Live for Today


I had hoped that I’d have some innate skill for the sport. But I don’t. I am after all the girl who, on more than one occasion, has tried to throw a ball to someone only for it to inexplicably end up travelling backwards. I tried to throw the axe with my right had. Missed. I tried with my left had. Missed. I tried with both hands. Ack! It’s the taking part that counts, right?

Still, I had lots of fun trying but I’m going to have to find another way to look after myself if a zombie apocalypse hits! Maybe archery? That’s for another month though.

Easiest scones

Easiest scones, cream tea

{cream tea}

I’ve made these scones three times in as many weeks. It’s becoming a bit of a problem. So much so that I can’t remember a time in my life when I’ve finished a jar of jam before it started to go mouldy but I’m currently half way through jar number two for 2017!

I’m copying the recipe here, because every so often I come across a recipe which I’ve enjoyed in the past only to find that BBC Good Food don’t have the licence for it anymore!

Classic Scones, makes 8
350g self raising flour
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
85g butter, chilled and cubed
2 tbsp sugar
175ml milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
Squeeze of lemon juice

Heat the oven to 200 celsius (fan) 

Mix flour, baking powder and salt. Rub the butter into the mix until it resembles breadcrumbs. Stir in sugar.

Heat milk until slightly warm. Add a squeeze of lemon and vanilla, stir.

Make a well in the dry mix and add wet ingredients. Mix with a knife until it comes together. Flour a work surface and tip the dough out.

Fold gently a couple of times to smooth out the dough and pat out to a depth of 4cm.

Cut into scones using a 5cm cutter.

I bake mine for 15 minutes and don’t bother with a glaze like they suggest. I just can’t bring myself to waste almost a whole egg, the scones don’t suffer for it. The recipe also calls for 3 tbsp of sugar but 2 is enough for me. Also, I accidentally squeezed too much lemon into my first attempt and make paneer rather than buttermilk. It turns out, four or five drops of juice will suffice. Semi skimmed and whole milk have both been equally tasty.

I’ve found a recipe that uses double cream instead of regular milk. I’m not sure I can allow myself to try that one out because it just sounds too good!

Over the weekend

My brother in law came to visit us. We had a lovely, chilled weekend.

John Rylands Library

{The John Rylands Library}

a tense game of Flaming Kittens

{Exploding Kittens}

Panopticon Singing Ringing Tree

{Singing Ringing Tree}

Activities not pictured include accidentally finding ourselves at the Trafford Centre three times* in as many days, watching Whiplash on Netflix, getting covered in salted caramel because I bit the wrong end of the doughnut and a couple of well earned naps.

*The first time was because my husband need to go suit shopping, the second time because we decided to go back and pick up a couple of Christmas jumpers we saw but didn’t buy the first time round, the third time was because we lost track of time the second time and turned up just as the shopping centre had closed for the day. Yes, we are numpties.


30 before 30

notesofjasmin 30 before 30 list

There are a lot of things in life that I think I should be able to do, but I can’t.  Knit, speak a second language, make a soufflé. I turn 30 in 14 months so it’s time I crack on and finally realise some of my long held goals and dreams.

My twenties so far have been pretty fantastic and I want to savour these last few months before I journey on into a new decade. This isn’t a bucket list though. There’s no skydiving or travel to India to find myself on here, those things will be done, just not this year. Instead, I want to learn a few new skills and have some fun experiences along the way.

And since I’m getting older and my memory is getting a bit ropier, I’m going to blog as a way to help record the memories.

Here’s to the little things! 

  1. Save £30 per month and buy myself a birthday gift
  2. Learn how to crochet, and crochet an afghan
  3. Learn how to knit, and knit a bobble hat
  4. Sew a dress…
  5. …and wear that dress to afternoon tea somewhere fancy
  6. Sort through my pile of ‘to alter’ clothes
  7. Get new glasses and contacts
  8. Organise, back up and print my photos
  9. Run the Manchester 10k
  10. Complete Spanish Duolingo
  11. Sew a quilt
  12. Survive Tough Mudder
  13. Learn how to shoot a gun
  14. (Re)Learn how to parallel park
  15. Escape a room
  16. Complete a 30 day challenge
  17. Walk from Manchester to Leeds
  18. Hold a car boot sale
  19. Walk the Yorkshire Three Peaks
  20. See more of the UK, specifically The Giants Causeway in NI, Lochness in Scotland and Mount Snowdon in Wales.
  21. Go camping
  22. Attend a secret cinema
  23. Make something and sell it
  24. Read 30 books
  25. Go on a spa weekend
  26. Start a blog
  27. Learn how to make round chapatis
  28. Conquer my fear of spiders
  29. Learn how to hold a tune
  30. Try something new every month