Over the weekend

My brother in law came to visit us. We had a lovely, chilled weekend.

John Rylands Library

{The John Rylands Library}

a tense game of Flaming Kittens

{Exploding Kittens}

Panopticon Singing Ringing Tree

{Singing Ringing Tree}

Activities not pictured include accidentally finding ourselves at the Trafford Centre three times* in as many days, watching Whiplash on Netflix, getting covered inĀ salted caramel becauseĀ I bit the wrong end of the doughnut and a couple of well earned naps.

*The first time was because my husband need to go suit shopping, the second time because we decided to go back and pick up a couple of Christmas jumpers we saw but didn’t buy the first time round, the third time was because we lost track of time the second time and turned up just as the shopping centre had closed for the day. Yes, we are numpties.


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