Tomahawk axe throwing

Ripley Castle Axe Throwing; Live for Today

{two handed throw}

A couple of months ago, when I was mulling over what I wanted to put on my 30before30 list, I saw a Groupon for a session of Tomahawk axe throwing. I couldn’t resist and that’s where the idea for trying something new every month came from.

Over the weekend we cashed in our voucher for an hour of axe throwing at Ripley Castle in North Yorkshire.

Ripley Castle Daffodils


The rain couldn’t decide if it was coming or going so I wore my favourite yellow rain jacket to keep the drops at bay and blend in with the local foliage.

Ripley Castle Walk

{yellow is my favourite}

We arrived early which meant we had to kill some time by eating cake. You’d be surprised how many times we find ourselves having to eat cake to pass time. It’s almost like I plan it…

Ripley Castle - Afternoon Tea

{tea and cake}

Before long, it was time to play.

Ripley Castle Tomahawk; Live for Today


I had hoped that I’d have some innate skill for the sport. But I don’t. I am after all the girl who, on more than one occasion, has tried to throw a ball to someone only for it to inexplicably end up travelling backwards. I tried to throw the axe with my right had. Missed. I tried with my left had. Missed. I tried with both hands. Ack! It’s the taking part that counts, right?

Still, I had lots of fun trying but I’m going to have to find another way to look after myself if a zombie apocalypse hits! Maybe archery? That’s for another month though.

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