And may the odds be ever in your favour


The odds were in my favour it seems because after our fun afternoon of axe throwing earlier this year, I wrote a TripAdvisor review for the company we went with and won myself another activity with them for my efforts!

Rather generously, the prize was for me and four guests so I decided to drag along the mother and her two sisters (plus husband, poor sod) to try something new for the month of July.

Unfortunately I have no photographic proof of this, but I was MUCH better at archery than axe throwing. We learnt how to hold the bow and arrow properly (i.e. not how they do it in the Hunger Games) before being let loose on some targets. Whilst I didn’t quite skewer the apple on the mannequins head, I did manage to pop the balloon target I was given. I think I may have found my sport!


Christmas in July

We had a long day of driving on Monday. Well, I say we, but actually it was husband who did all the driving. Towards the end of the journey he was singing Christmas carols to himself to keep himself awake. I love a good carol normally but for some reason the songs made me feel a little sad because we weren’t going home to a street lit up with fairy lights and Christmas decorations. The second best bit about the season.*

I was however greeted with an unexpected little present when we got back.

Your life in my hands

Thanks husband!

*Food is the first. Mince pies, roast potatoes, cheese and crackers, oh my!

A bunch of… Kale!

What do you do when your mum sends you home with a bunch of kale from her garden that is too big to store in your fridge?

Home grown Kale

{home grown kale}

Why you stick it in a pot and call it a floral arrangement, of course!

And the next day you make a post work treat of kale chips.

De-vine, tear into bitesize pieces, toss in the tiniest amount of oil and salt, and bake at 180 for 10 minutes (toss every couple of minutes to help them crisp evenly). Inhale in two seconds flat. Forget to take pictures until it’s too late.