Over the weekend

Victoria Baths - Cinema

{Victoria baths}

We saw Back to the Future at the Victoria baths on Friday night. Excellent film, always. Loved the experience of watching a film in an empty swimming pool.

Tea in the bedroom

{tea supplies, in the bedroom}

One bed flat troubles; when you have to put guests in your living/kitchen area and they like a sleep in but you need a cuppa. I made husband sneak into the kitchen and get all the necessary tea making goods because I couldn’t last any longer without a brew. I had been awake for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES after all!

People's History Museum

{People’s History Museum}

Saturday was a pretty mellow day. We had scones AND pancakes for breakfast (I gave my brother in law an either or option, of course he said both!) We mooched around The People’s History Museum, took some snaps in the photobooth at Fred Aldous, went for a cheeky Nando’s and played some intense rounds of Exploding Kittens.

Manchester Rainbow


It rained on and off all weekend which resulted in a spectacularly beautiful rainbow on Sunday evening

Christmas in July

We had a long day of driving on Monday. Well, I say we, but actually it was husband who did all the driving. Towards the end of the journey he was singing Christmas carols to himself to keep himself awake. I love a good carol normally but for some reason the songs made me feel a little sad because we weren’t going home to a street lit up with fairy lights and Christmas decorations. The second best bit about the season.*

I was however greeted with an unexpected little present when we got back.

Your life in my hands

Thanks husband!

*Food is the first. Mince pies, roast potatoes, cheese and crackers, oh my!